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Distribution frame usage and dosage

Overall network usage and dosage are mainly based on the number of points or the floor (as well as similar floors, it depends on how the system is designed) network number configured. Different building, different system designs, the main distribution frame between devices will be different. As, a building building only four layer, main equipment between set in a layer, all floors of network points are into the equipment between, so distribution line frame of number on is equal to the building all of network points/distribution line frame port number (24 mouth, and 48 mouth,), and plus must have allowance; if, a building building has 9 layer, main equipment between set in 4 layer, so to avoid line cable super long, on may each layer are has points equipment between, and has Exchange equipment. Main distribution frame between devices is equal to 4/distribution frame the number of network ports (such as 24-port and 48-port).