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Problems encountered in the box in terms of use

Connection box in design structures, access to the connector box of metal reinforced core and coated steel or aluminum should be insulating fittings, but a significant number of suppliers splice support is totally into metal plates, metal reinforced core with a metal plate and does not design use insulating washers, electrical short circuit condition.

Access connection in the cable box to strengthen core and the brackets should be able to withstand a 1000N force, but some manufacturers only referred to as "install", and fail to take the fixed effect of tensile forces. Some manufacturers place of radius of curvature of less than 37.5mm, and so on.

In terms of materials, parts manufacturers in order to reduce production costs for splice enclosure materials or recycled plastic, so that the splice by low temperature impact after the shell cracks, outer sheath of cable joint box fixing welfare poor or improper materials play a valid role.