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The functional requirements of optical cable Fiber boxes

1 fixed and cable protection

Ø cable into device, fixation and protection device must have reliable, fixed cable metal block flare layer, armored layer and core-strengthening must be reliably connected to the high voltage protection grounding devices, must use cable stripping the plastic casing or spiral tube protection and fixed into the fiber optical splice device.

Ø Butterfly cable coiling and binding must naturally straight, without twisting, circular and so on, should adopt the necessary fixtures, to ensure no outside compression and operation being damage.

2 cable core termination function: equipment for fiber optic cable termination devices must be easy to optical fiber and optical cable fiber or fiber splicing, installation and maintenance operations, but must have a spare cable Fiber storage space.

3 fiber optic splice joint protection: optical fiber connector portion must be protected. After the optical fiber and optical fiber fusion splicer, portion of splice protection sleeve must be used to protect it.

4 cable Fiber suitability requirements: must be able to apply the provisions GB,T 7424 of fiber-optic cable ITU-t G.652 and ITU-t G.657 provision of fiber or fiber that is compatible with, and YD,T 1997-2009 of the access network with butterfly-shaped optical cable.

5 dispatching function: through the pigtail can be quickly and easily schedule cable fiber optic serial number and changing the routes of transmission systems, fiber length of dispatching operations requirements must be met.

6 lock: fiber optic distribution box door must be security structure, good resistance to damage, all needed to set aside traditional padlock box lock or other alternative means.