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Understanding Fiber Optic Patch and Splice Enclosures

Fiber Enclosures, Fiber Optic Patch & Splice Enclosures are called many different names: Termination Panels, Patch & Splice Panels, Fiber Splice Box, Splice Distribution, Fiber Splice Panel, Patch Panel, Fiber Optic Panel, Patch & Splice Panel, Patch & Splice Module, Fiber Splice Closure, Fiber Splice Chassis.

No matter what you call them, they all describe a box that contains the devices to connect various fiber optic cables.

Fiber Enclosures come in different configurations such as rack mount (FIG. 1A), wall mount (FIG. 1B), and indoor or outdoor.

The rack mount type is made for 19 inch rack mounting. They may be one or more rack units (RU) high depending on the number of connections required.

Common Connectors Names:
SC = Standard Connector, Subscriber Connector, Square Connector
LC = Little Connector, Lucent Connector, Local Connector
ST = Straight Tip Connector