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Introduction To Optic Distribution Frame

Introduction to Optic Distribution Frame
Optical distribution frame manufacturers said that the optical patch panel (ODF) is between the optical cable and optical communication equipment or optical communication equipment between the wiring connection equipment.
    Optical patch panel manufacturers said that the optical patch panel is an important optical transmission system supporting equipment, which is mainly used for fiber optic cable terminal fiber splicing, optical connector installation, optical transfer of the transfer, the excess pigtail storage and fiber optic cable Protection, etc., it is for the optical fiber communication network safe operation and flexible use has an important role. Over the past decade or so, optical communication construction in the use of fiber optic cable is usually a few to tens of thousands of core, optical distribution frame capacity is generally below 100 core, these optical patch panels more and more show pigtail storage capacity Small, improper deployment of the operation is inconvenient, less functional, simple structure and other shortcomings. Optical communication has been widely used in long-distance trunk and local network relay transmission, fiber has also become the development direction of access network. All in the new fiber-optic network construction, try to use large number of cable, so that the capacity of the optical patch panel, function and structure put forward higher requirements, as well as the requirements of the material also improved. The following by the only Kang Xiaobian analysis of Optic Distribution Frame material requirements:
    1, anti-corrosion performance: Optic Distribution Frame manufacturers said, ODF all parts of the material should have anti-corrosion properties, such as the material should be anti-corrosion properties of anti-corrosion treatment; its physical and chemical properties must be stable, and with the cable jacket Compatible with tail fiber jacket. To prevent corrosion and other damage, these materials must also be compatible with the materials commonly used in other equipment.
    2, metal plating parts: Optic Distribution Frame manufacturers said, ODF surface plating metal parts, in the salt spray test method for 48h salt spray test, the appearance of the eye must not see the rust.
    3, coating processing requirements: Optic Distribution Frame manufacturers said that the use of coated metal parts, the coating and the substrate should have good adhesion, adhesion should not be less than GB / T9286 standard Table I 2 Level requirements: the coating at the intersection of the incision and / or along the edge of the incision, the affected cross-cutting area was significantly greater than 5%, but not significantly greater than 15%.
    4, the combustion performance requirements: Optic Distribution Frame manufacturers said that the non-metallic materials in the equipment and optical fiber connector combustion performance should meet one of the following conditions:
    1) the test sample is not ignited;
    2) The test sample remains ignited for a period of not more than 10 s after the fire, and the flame or the burning or burning particles falling from the test sample does not cause the combustion to spread to the bottom of the test sample.
    Optical distribution frame was founded in 2003, after more than 10 years of rapid development, the company now has a new intelligent technology and equipment, domestic and foreign top production technology and a large number of experienced technical talents. Also also from Europe and the United States and other developed countries to purchase a number of high-end sheet metal processing CNC production equipment and supporting high-precision testing equipment. High-end production testing equipment, strict process management, efficient enterprise management mode to ensure product quality at the same time for the sustained and rapid development of enterprises laid a solid foundation.