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Analysis Of Metal Optic Splice Cabinet Compared To Switchgear 6 Points Advantages:

Analysis of Metal Optic Splice Cabinet compared to switchgear 6 points Advantages:
   1, from the substation with a low-voltage distribution line to the 14-layer electrical tube get the top of the branch cable transfer box (or Metal Optic Splice Cabinet into the line box) are single-core cable, line length of 80m.
   2, each layer of lighting the total box (15 ~ 24PM) load capacity of the same, power factor cosĪˆ = 0.8 (has been capacitive compensation). The trunk load requires a factor of K = 0.8.
   3, in order to facilitate comparison, assuming that the load capacity of each layer were six.
   4, the cable with XLPE insulated PVC sheathed copper cable, Metal Optic Splice Cabinet with dense insulation type.
   U-shaped steel cable frame manufacturers said that due to the two programs, from the low-voltage distribution cabinet to the 14-story electrical tube Lane cable switch box (or Metal Optic Splice Cabinet into the line box) are using the same single-core cable along the bridge Laying, so they compare the price of materials as long as the estimated vertical pipe wells can be used in the main line of the cost of materials can be. Table 2 shows the price comparison of the main materials and accessories of the two schemes (the 3-phase 4-wire system is used for the Metal Optic Splice Cabinet. The cable adopts four single-core branch cables because the branch lines are used in both schemes, one is polyethylene Single-core cable, one is rubber flexible cable, the price difference is not, it is not in the column). In the traditional cable lines, the cable will make the electrical system is extremely complex, large, difficult to maintain, so that a waste of engineering costs and installation space.
    5, scalability
   U-shaped steel wire frame manufacturers said that for dense Metal Optic Splice Cabinet, the system expansion can be increased or changed by a number of segments to complete, re-use rate. In most cases, the cable can not be reused, because the length and route are different, if you want to expand the system, we have to buy a new cable to replace the old cable.
    6, plug-in switch box
   U-shaped steel cable car manufacturer, said plug-in switch box can be used with air-type Metal Optic Splice Cabinet. No additional accessories are required for installation. The plug is the most important part, it is made of copper alloy stamping, heat treatment to enhance the flexibility, and the surface tin plating, even if the plug more than 200 times, can still maintain a stable contact ability. The cabinet is provided with a grounding point to ensure reliable grounding, the switch circuit is set in the box, and the molded case circuit breaker can be used to overload and short-circuit the capacity of the tap line.
    Metal Optic Splice Cabinet was founded in 2003, after more than 10 years of rapid development, the company now has a new intelligent technology and equipment, domestic and foreign top production technology and a large number of experienced technical talents. Also also from Europe and the United States and other developed countries to purchase a number of high-end sheet metal processing CNC production equipment and supporting high-precision testing equipment. High-end production testing equipment, strict process management, efficient enterprise management mode to ensure product quality at the same time for the sustained and rapid development of enterprises laid a solid foundation.