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Development Trend Of Metal Optic Distribution Box

Development Trend of Metal Optic Distribution Box

As the application range of Metal Optic Distribution Box is expanding, the optical fiber communication network has been extended to the terminal. The structure of the Metal Optic Distribution Box is also being improved. The new type of fiber optic cable has been introduced from the traditional structure to the traditional structure. But the construction of Metal Optic Distribution Box can not be separated from the requirements for laying the environment, construction convenience and safe and reliable requirements, reduce costs and save resources requirements, and FTTH project is constantly advancing, more metal Fiber optic distribution box development provides a new opportunity, while the traditional metal fiber distribution box technology presents a new challenge, so the current development trend of metal fiber distribution box is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1, metal fiber distribution box structure diversification

From the current fiber optic wiring closet for FTTH networks, it is the most widely used part of the cable. The part of the cable needs to adapt to the dense branch of the network. The diversity of environmental conditions and the diversification of the cable structure are the future development of the metal fiber distribution box A major feature.

2, metal fiber wiring box structure miniaturization

The miniaturization of the structure of the Metal Optic Distribution Box has been the trend of the development of the fiber optic cable. The smaller the structure of the Metal Optic Distribution Box, the less the various materials used, the less the space occupied by the pipeline, the lower the cost of the construction, More convenient, more environmentally friendly, so in terms of users, engineering and manufacturing will promote the metal fiber distribution box structure to the direction of miniaturization.

3, metal fiber distribution box branch convenient and reliable

With the development of FTTH, Metal Optic Distribution Box branch density is growing, the traditional fiber optic cable branch cut will bring endless risks to the network, the tap will become the future network failure of the most factors, in order to improve the network reliability Sex and maintenance convenience, reduce the cable connection point is the most effective way to fit the branch, reduce the success of the cable will be more and more received network design, construction, operation and maintenance of the favor.

4, metal fiber wiring box wiring convenient and quick

In the FTTH network, the indoor wiring will be more suitable for wiring fast and easy cable, easy to install, easy to connect the cable will be the future of cable design and application of the main consideration.

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