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An Analysis Of The Current Situation Of Industrial Acacity In Optic Splice Cabinet

An Analysis of the Current Situation of Industrial Acacity in Optic Splice Cabinet
With the changes in the power industry and the distribution industry and the rapid expansion of the power industry, Optic Splice Cabinet industry is the challenge and opportunity to coexist. Among them, "Twelve Five" period, the national grid in the smart grid construction and intelligent investment in a total of 1.5 trillion yuan, or about 300 billion yuan per year, which undoubtedly ensure the steady growth of Optic Splice Cabinet, The rapid growth of real population will also drive the growth of electricity and electricity consumption, Optic Splice Cabinet future market development space will continue to enlarge; by 2015, the strategic emerging industries will form a healthy development, coordination and promotion of the basic pattern of industrial structure The promotion of the promotion of the role of enhanced value-added accounted for the proportion of domestic life, the value of the total strive to reach about 8. By 2020, the strategic value of emerging industries accounted for the proportion of GDP to reach about 15%. Gave Optic Splice Cabinet, especially in which the high-end products to bring great room for development. However, in the Optic Splice Cabinet market, while the good development of the market, the various problems revealed.
China's Optic Splice Cabinet industry After more than 50 years of development, Optic Splice Cabinet industry from simple assembly, imitation manufacturing to self-development design, has now formed a complete industrial system, its products are widely used, the market has great potential. The initial size of the private enterprises engaged in the Optic Splice Cabinet was very small. Low adverse consequences. Statistics show that domestic Optic Splice Cabinet products about 1000 series, the output value of 20 billion yuan, with more than 2,000 scale production enterprises, mainly concentrated in Beijing, Zhejiang and Shanghai provinces and cities. At present, Optic Splice Cabinet products in the first generation to the third generation of technical level, the fourth generation of products are still under development research; and domestic Optic Splice Cabinet production enterprises are too small, too many, more than 90% In the grade of products can be repeated production, market products, "three generations coexist." In terms of output value, the first generation of product market share of 15%, the second generation of product market share of 45%, the third generation of product market share of 40%.
China's Optic Splice Cabinet industry technology and production level is relatively weak, all aspects of the relative dispersion of resources, is still in the low-end areas of repeated research and mutual imitation stage. In addition, foreign large-scale electrical enterprises strong "invasion", the original domestic enterprises in the low-end market has been eroded, the industry increasingly fierce competition. Price stations and channel war intensified, the domestic Optic Splice Cabinet industry, "crowded" the environment is deteriorating. At present, the electrical business enterprises do not attach importance to the development of the kit, electrical industry tide IC international standards are relatively backward and other issues, are Optic Splice Cabinet industry exists in the scale disease. In fact, China's Optic Splice Cabinet industry technology and production level is relatively weak, most of the small size of enterprises, all aspects of relatively scattered resources, is still in the low-end areas of repeated research and development and mutual imitation stage. Objectively, according to the market research national policy, in the next period of time, Optic Splice Cabinet product structure needs to be further adjusted, backward technology, high energy consumption, polluting the environment products will be eliminated. And this transition process, the competitive situation is also more intense.
  Optic Splice Cabinet is used for storage of equipment, the design of Optic Splice Cabinet needs to be targeted, for what we need to store the equipment, what kind of storage conditions, the most suitable design and build, in the Optic Splice Cabinet The use of warnings in the course of the use of the need for the user to clear the familiar, Optic Splice Cabinet warning need to know:
    1, the temperature alarm: When the temperature control Optic Splice Cabinet temperature exceeds the allowable range should be issued when the alarm signal.
    2, door open alarm: When the door is open, should be issued an alarm signal.
    3, the temperature probe fault alarm: When the temperature probe effect, should be able to issue a fault alarm signal, and automatically enter the protection mode of operation to ensure that the cabinet temperature is within the required range.
    4, the system fault alarm: When the system cooling or heating unit and other components failure, should issue a fault alarm signal.
    5, monitoring requirements: temperature control Optic Splice Cabinet should have RS232 or 485 communication interface, through the interface can be cooling unit, heating unit and fan unit temperature settings to adjust and adjust the temperature alarm settings, and Can send out the cabinet inside and outside the temperature parameters and a variety of fault alarm information.