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Analysis Of The Causes Of Explosion Failure Of Metal Optic Distribution Box

Analysis of the Causes of Explosion Failure of Metal Optic Distribution Box
Analysis of the above distribution of the Metal Optic Distribution Box The main cause of the explosion fire accident is damp. On-site accident analysis, due to leakage, rain drops into the power distribution refused, rain poured into the indoor cable trench, making the house air humidity surge, knife switch and busbar junction are oxidized. According to the theory of media, the increase of environmental humidity makes the conductivity, relative dielectric coefficient and dielectric loss tangent of dielectric increase, and the breakdown field strength decreases. And the destruction of the insulation process is often under the action of the hot brittle. After vibration cracking, moisture into the cracks, the low voltage will lead the discharge, resulting in breakdown of insulating materials. In addition, the bare metal conductor with the increase in humidity, especially when the metal surface drilling dust, the accelerated weathering rate. Conductor connection contact with increased electricity, local overheating. In this case, the switch and the busbar junction are certified. Then after the heavy rain, with (change) has been completely damp, and overhaul when the tide power distribution refused to take thousands of measures, resulting in overhaul in the motor under the impact of daily current, the conductor junction overheating caused by the arc, The formation of phase and ground short circuit, causing the explosion fire.
Metal Optic Distribution Box is used in different ways, so there are Metal Optic Distribution Box design and build various functions, resulting in a very good direction and space, Metal Optic Distribution Box in the chassis cabinet in this ever-changing environment in order to avoid elimination , Constantly trying to develop new features to attract the user's choice and use the eye, Metal Optic Distribution Box design needs to start from innovation.
With the progress of various sectors of society, Metal Optic Distribution Box is also surging, no matter what product, only constant innovation will not be eliminated by the fierce market. So, innovation is the last word. New features for the Metal Optic Distribution Box added a touch of sunshine, made Metal Optic Distribution Box people know that before we installed Metal Optic Distribution Box component type with a screw to be stable, and we have to install the screw and screwdriver, and assembly parts Very troublesome The new Metal Optic Distribution Box is designed with a buckle or hand screw. Then disassembly, greatly improving the installed speed. This new technology not only makes the Metal Optic Distribution Box outside the absence of a trail of the screw, and even the Metal Optic Distribution Box interior has also been further improved. It is now commonly used in the design of plug-in design. The plastic parts are also used to secure the internal parts of the Metal Optic Distribution Box. Making the Metal Optic Distribution Box even more beautiful. We must continue to improve and strive to so strong in the competitive market to secure their own position.
    The use of the Metal Optic Distribution Box, which requires the user to choose the best product, is the choice of the user's first reaction. So it is the most important attitude to choose the right user when purchasing the Metal Optic Distribution Box, which determines the stability of your work equipment.
       The choice of Metal Optic Distribution Box is suitable for a few rules to follow:
    First, select the appropriate Metal Optic Distribution Box, should be based on their own actual situation to choose the most suitable for their own models, do not blindly choose, so as to avoid the waste of resources.
    Second, should try to choose the more well-known domestic manufacturers to ensure the use of product quality and safety.
    Third, the purchase should check whether the product to be purchased is complete, including the Metal Optic Distribution Box system diagram, control schematics, wiring diagram; cabinet components of the certificate, the use of instructions and the corresponding factory test report, etc. ;
    Fourth, open the purchase of products, check whether the components arranged in a reasonable position, easy operation, alignment regular. The line meets the requirements and is grounded.
    5, the purchase of the Metal Optic Distribution Box should be CE certification, and to ensure that the product appearance integrity, no damage.