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Characteristics Of Light Box

Transfer box with wiring, welding, fiber storage and dispatching functions, has tenaciously against the wild performance, and better able to withstand severe climate change and poor working environment, box sealing performance, protection rating IP65 level requirements.

Box for the front door or the door back and forth, inside there is plenty of fiber, the fiber storage space, there is enough wire spool, thread hooks, user-friendly operation.

Modular design, reasonable layout, features and more dense.

Burglar-proof door locks, safe, reliable, and good vandal-resistant features. Box has a flexible cable structure and flexible structure of access.

Using FC or SC type adapter, adapter 40 ° angle, arc can be avoided direct eye.

Cable core-strengthening according to customer needs can also be fixed by cable cover, suitable for General and ribbon cable.

Grounding: the Cabinet consists of two layers, a layer of protection, cable core-strengthening and protection phase. Another layer to a rack, between the two layers are mutually unintelligible, respectively, through their respective ground wire leading to the engine room.

Dedicated optical fiber cable in the box through welding, cable pass-through in the weld zone connected at both ends.

High bottom half, large space, easy cable into a larger radius of curvature, construction, operation and construction.

Rack has a good grounding system.

Plastic parts made of flame retardant material.