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Characteristics Of The Connector Box

1, box body consists of high engineering plastics injection molding, have good resistance to salt corrosion, aging resistance and smooth surface appearance, the mechanical structure of a solid, a tenacious resistance to wild performance, better able to withstand drastic climate changes and extreme working conditions, protection grade IP66.

2, suitable for ribbon cable and regular cable, box-shaped melts the pages flip and leave enough fiber coil of radius of curvature and space, ensure the fiber bending radius is more than anywhere 30mm (internal 40mm), on each fiber-optic cable, and each fibre are also available for construction.

3, small volume, large capacity, easy maintenance.

4, box seals, sealing, moisture-proof performance, box body can be repeatedly opened does not leak, and requires no special tools, simple and convenient operation, box containing valves, measuring degree of sealed box.

5, to provide reliable cable fixed and cable to strengthen core grounding protection device.

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