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Discussion On The Development Of Plastic Optic Distribution Box

Discussion on the development of Plastic Optic Distribution Box

Due to the rapid development of IT technology, especially the wide application of cloud computing and virtualization technology, data center servers, Plastic Optic Distribution Box switches and other IT equipment is undergoing rapid change. The data center and its distribution system in order to meet this change and achieve high availability, Plastic Optic Distribution Box and the requirement of energy conservation and emissions reduction, made many improvements in distribution and product design. Designed for data center of plastic optical fiber with head unit through a higher functions such as extended online, real-time on-line monitoring can meet the requirements of a new generation of data center.

In order to better understand the plastic optical fiber distribution unit, we first introduce the use environment and load type. It is its use of type and load system that determines a set of distinctive features of the device.

The plastic optical fiber distribution unit is a kind of distribution system mainly used in the data center. It is also called the distribution column head cabinet, Plastic Optic Distribution Box and the precision distribution unit is mainly installed in the data center. Data center is a gathered a large number of servers, storage equipment, network equipment and auxiliary equipment of IT equipment place such as UPS, precision air conditioning, is the focus to realize data information processing, storage, transmission, exchange, and centralized management and other business service platform, in recent years, domestic industries business processing increasing reliance on information technology, the domestic data center market gradually expanded, rapid growth of investment scale, the demand for electricity is increasing year by year, the data center mainly face the following problems:

1. First of all, thanks to the IT technology, Plastic Optic Distribution Box especially the development of virtualization and cloud computing, for current distribution and power distribution of the whole data center to conduct a comprehensive real-time management, to ensure the power supply system and high efficient and reliable operation of data centers, to achieve the high reliability of the data center and the dual purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.

2. Secondly, the precision distribution unit provides electricity to the IT load, and the manufacturing technology of IT equipment is undergoing rapid development and change. The IT equipment and load power in the data center will change dramatically over the next 10 years, Plastic Optic Distribution Box but the data center and its distribution systems will use the same service life over 10 years and above.

At the same time, Plastic Optic Distribution Box due to the development of virtualization and cloud computing technologies, the power consumption of data centers will become difficult to predict.

To sum up, the data center mainly reflected in how to make the whole lifecycle of the data center meet the constantly changing IT load type and load operation level, Plastic Optic Distribution Box make the whole data center in the process of from built to use always maintain efficient and reliable running, is the data center distribution system put forward new challenges.