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Distribution Frame Structure

Structure of columns and rows on both sides of the MDF, and arrangements can be loaded straight column, across the test line or connection holding. Without the protection of trunk line or green line may also test for holding or terminal block. Model with total wire splicing to meet expansion needs. User switches the total distribution frame, due to the small capacity, the use of box-type. Early total distribution frame size, maximum capacity of 303 line per line. Security holding 20 or 21 carbon protector and by coil limited current. Test line is a 20 line, using four-wire spring type, separate inlets and outlets of the separated fragments. Total new MDF line with program-controlled switches, greatly reduced in volume, weight per-line capacity of 1 000 lines. Arrangements for each 100 lines, metal discharge tube is used to prevent high pressure and flow. Test line every 128 lines, detachable contact spring, easily separated line for testing. Connected with connection conductors are separate Cabling Channel, easy installation and maintenance. Arrangements with card connection, card does not need to strip the insulation of the wire. Pilot line wrapping system wiring. Two connection modes are simple, reliable, fast, pollution-free characteristics. According to the occasion, new MDF wall-hanging, console, such as single-sided and double-sided type.