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Do The Metal Optic Splice Cabinet Insulation Resistance Measurement Is Really Important!

For those who manufacture high and low pressure Metal Optic Splice Cabinet, it is important to know that the metal Optic Splice Cabinet insulation resistance is a very important insulation indicator for electrical equipment and is critical to the safety of electrical equipment. If the insulation resistance is missing, The equipment is in a dangerous state or is not damaged. For the low-voltage Metal Optic Splice Cabinet insulation resistance is to use it with the outside of the device is also a prerequisite for normal operation of the equipment, the product must meet the product requirements before the factory, the specific product insulation resistance requirements are not the same , The most common insulation resistance measurement equipment is measured using a DC resistance meter, DC resistance meter measurement is convenient and the data efficiency is accurate.
So how to measure the insulation resistance? This will use the megger, the industry-related standards are: insulation resistance requirements - per kilovolt operating voltage of not less than 1 megohm. The specific requirements are as follows: When the measured Metal Optic Splice Cabinet rated insulation voltage between 60V and 660V, use 500V megger. If the measured insulation voltage of the Metal Optic Splice Cabinet is between 660V and 1000V, use a 1000V megger. Example: 400V low-voltage Metal Optic Splice Cabinet, do the insulation test megger is a 500V table. The normal situation measured value should not be less than 0.5 megohms. General three-phase 380-volt motor normal conditions measured insulation value should not be less than 0.5 megohms.
The following is a brief description of the low-voltage metal Optic Splice Cabinet insulation resistance measurement method. Low-voltage Metal Optic Splice Cabinet insulation resistance measurement methods are many, we can according to the specific circumstances to choose their own.
Metal Optic Splice Cabinet measurement steps:
1, first prepared insulation resistance tester, insulation resistance tester must be used within the validity period, and a formal inspection department issued by the certificate affixed to the front of the device can be seen.
2, insulation resistance tester has two sets of measurement lines, a total of four lines, a group of black and a thin one thin line, a group of red a thick and thin line, Metal Optic Splice Cabinet at the same time were a large and a small folder, wiring The clamp is used to measure the resistance fixed position.
3, the measurement of the use of two sets of measuring line clamp fixed to the place to be measured, such as the contact part, pay attention to the large line clip placed on the outside, small clamp placed on the outside, and try to fix the contact, the most end, so as to react True resistance value.
4, the specific measurement of different parts of the need for equipment closing and opening operation, the specific circumstances of specific treatment.
5, after testing the resistance to print records, unqualified need to carry out substandard process.
Measuring parts:
1, Metal Optic Splice Cabinet the main switch in the open position ⊕ with the pole between the line and outlet.
2, the main switch is closed when the different pole between the live parts, such as: phase of the main contact or between the bare bus, between the main circuit and the control circuit.
3, between the live parts and metal frame. The test time is 1 min. Whether the measured insulation resistance values meet the requirements, the nominal voltage for each circuit in the Metal Optic Splice Cabinet is not less than 1KΩV. For example, each circuit to the ground of the nominal voltage of 380V, the insulation resistance can not be less than 380KΩ, or 0.38MΩ, the general requirements of not less than 0.5MΩ. The higher the nominal voltage, the greater the insulation resistance required. If the main switch in the Metal Optic Splice Cabinet and the associated insulation material are good, there is no problem in the installation, this indicator is not difficult to achieve.
Note: In the measurement of insulation resistance, be sure to carefully carefully! This will avoid the metal Optic Splice Cabinet in the use of the process, the risk greatly reduced!