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Fibre Means Fibre, Broadband Minister Bellows In BT Broadside

For some weeks now, Hancock has been signalling a change of direction for Whitehall's stance on all things fibre. It's understood that more details about the government's plans will come later this month during the Autumn Statement—the chancellor's first turn at the dispatch box, exactly five months on from the Brits' Brexit vote in June.

Hancock said at a conference in Westminster on Thursday that BT's taxpayer-funded rollout of largely fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) tech—which is served by a fibre-optic connection from the telco's backhaul network, via the local exchange, and then carried all the way to a streetside cabinet, where it is then delivered to the home via VDSL over a twisted pair of copper wires—had left "full fibre" on the back burner.

At the Tory Party conference earlier this month, prime minister Theresa "Brexit means Brexit" May hinted that the government was seeking reform to ensure that rural dwellers get "decent broadband connections."