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Four Main Power Quality Control Techniques In FTTH Box

Four Main Power Quality Control Techniques in FTTH Box
 In recent years, FTTH Box power quality control technology has made great progress, which is the most representative of the most influential, FTTH Box static reactive power compensation device (dstatcom), active power filter (apf), the timely monitoring of power system data Scada), dynamic voltage regulator (dvr).
(A) FTTH Box static reactive power compensation (dstatcom)
There are a lot of fast impact load current in the electricity system, such as high frequency electric furnace, high-capacity motor high sense of sudden load resistance, will cause voltage flicker, causing FTTH Box current and voltage imbalance, the traditional use of static reactive power compensation (Svc) to suppress the voltage flicker, but the slow response speed of svc (tens of milliseconds), to prevent flicker rate is difficult to achieve more than 50%, compared with the use of pwm control of the power system in parallel with the voltage source converter (Dstatcom) has the advantages of fast dynamic response, the compensation current does not depend on the system voltage, the harmonic suppression ability is strong, the suppression voltage flicker effect is good and the active loss is small, so the dstatcom device gradually replaces the svc device Widely used.
(B) active power filter (apf)
In the power system, uncontrolled harmonic voltage and harmonic current is the most important factor affecting the power quality. First with the exact rms value measurement instrumentation on the circuit and the neutral line of regular measurement, harmonic investigation. Strengthen the measurement and inspection of the power quality of the user transmission line, FTTH Box and regularly check and compare the FTTH Box, especially the medium and low voltage system, to find out the law of harmonic generation and development. Harmonic pollution suppression and control measures according to the different working principle of the device is divided into passive filters and power electronic equipment composed of active filters. Passive filter device consists of capacitors, reactors, and sometimes also include resistors and other passive components to a harmonic or its last harmonic formation of low impedance path, in order to achieve the role of high harmonics.
(C) timely monitoring of power system data (scada)
In the power system, the dynamic power quality problem is the problem that has been exposed to the development of high-tech in recent years. It is important to study the sensitivity and stress of the power users to choose the appropriate compensation method, and also for the power quality The development of standards provides an important reference. The scada system for quality monitoring of on-site dynamic data is the research direction of distribution management system. Field data includes not only power, voltage, FTTH Box current and other measurement data, but also includes sub-closing, over-current, quick and other operations and accidents generated by the incident data. When the accident caused by tripping, but also record the scene of the fault recorder data, we can see that the amount of data needed to communicate is generally unmatched in industrial control. As the power system changes in the field data is very fast, FTTH Box an overcurrent may only maintain more than ten milliseconds, the data fleeting, so the real-time data, communication speed requirements are very high.
Monitoring system The underlying data Reliable and efficient communication is the key to system reliability and is the focus of design monitoring software. Some of the existing software will be data communication, processing and monitoring are done in a software, although it is intuitive and compact, but the system upgrade is very inconvenient, a slight change to all the system to be re-organized, FTTH Box so take the module The structure is a better choice.
In a large-scale power monitoring system design, the hardware on the use of communication stations and monitoring stations separate independent way, the software will be the underlying communications software from the monitoring software to separate, work independently in the communication station, the communication station dedicated to the bottom of the field real-time data Of the collection, FTTH Box and the upper monitoring station for two-way data communication. As the communication station independent, so that the task of the upper monitoring station greatly reduced, not only improve the bottom of the communication rate, but also speed up the monitoring interface data refresh rate. If the number of lower instruments, you can use the communication station on the multi-channel dual-port ram intelligent communication card, and expand into multiple serial ports, to further improve the underlying communication speed. In this way, in order to effectively improve the quality of energy transmission.