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FTTH Box And Switch Box Location Selection And Environmental Conditions

FTTH Box and switch box location selection and environmental conditions
FTTH Box and switch box location selection and environmental conditions is related to the FTTH Box, switch box can be used safely important issues.
The total FTTH Box is the total hub of the construction site distribution, the installation location should be considered to facilitate the introduction of power, close to the load center, quit the distribution line, shorten the distribution distance and other factors to determine; sub-FTTH Box should consider the electrical equipment The distribution of sub-installed in the electricity equipment or relatively concentrated areas of the load, sub-FTTH Box and the distance between the switch box should be shortened, because the long distribution of electricity lines is not only not economical, and easily lead to confusion. Switch box and its control of the distance between the electrical equipment should not be too long, because the switch box there are frequent operation of the switchgear, if the control of the electrical equipment too far, not only to the normal operation of the inconvenience, more importantly, In the event of abnormal electrical equipment or failure, because it can not cut off the power in time and lead to a greater accident. Therefore, the switch box and its control of the electrical equipment should strive to close, but should not be too close, because the electrical equipment work vibration will also cause adverse effects on the work of the switch box.
FTTH Box, the surrounding environment of the switch box should be installed within the box to install the electrical normal and reliable work. FTTH Box, especially the switch box inside the switch is frequent action, the switch electrical action will inevitably produce spark, encountered combustible gas will explode; Second, FTTH Box, switch box switch electrical contacts and Electrical insulation vulnerable to ring harmful gases, liquid pollution, corrosion, damage, resulting in poor contact contact and dielectric strength decreased, resulting in leakage; and then, the construction site vibration
Dynamic machinery more often, the construction of falling objects often occur in this environment, switching electrical appliances due to severe vibration and impact and malfunction, resulting in a sudden power failure and power transmission equipment. Not only that, the construction is also easy to make the FTTH Box, switch box and its internal electrical equipment has been damaged, resulting in electrical accidents. In view of the actual situation of the construction site. Reference to the "International Electrotechnical Commission" IEC standards and the "National Electrical Regulations" NEC provisions of the relevant provisions, combined with China's actual situation, for the construction site. (2) no serious gas, steam, flue gas, liquid and other harmful media; (3) no external impact and strong vibration; (4) no other than the following conditions: (1) dry, ) No liquid dipping; (5) no heat source baking; (6) rain, dust. If these requirements are difficult to achieve. Other protective measures should be taken to ensure that the FTTH Box, switch box and its internal electrical appliances are safe and reliable. In addition, for the FTTH Box, the surrounding space conditions of the switch box installation, there is sufficient work space and channel, not to hinder the operation, maintenance of debris and growth of shrubs weeds and so on.
FTTH Boxes are automatic shutters, battery converters, light resistors and other containers. The box is made of thin steel plate. The steel plate with a thickness of 2.3 mm is used for the box and the bottom plate; the steel plate with a thickness of 1.5 mm is used for the lid; the steel plate with thickness of 1 mm is used for the lamp resistance box. In order to facilitate the installation to the car chassis, box on both sides of the four flat steel with the installation of the band, the width of 38 mm, the thickness of 9 mm.
In order to connect the parts to the external circuit, the holes passing through the power supply lines are perforated at the top of the FTTH Box, and the wires are passed, and the wires are clamped with the rubber band and the card plate. In order to keep the green, The top is fitted with a closed cover. The upper cover was made of a thin steel plate having a thickness of 1.6 mm.
Automatic shutters and battery converters are mounted on the insulation board in the FTTH Box. The insulating plate was made of a phenolic paper laminate having a thickness of 13 mm.