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FTTH Box Function And Use

FTTH Box FTTH box function and use. FTTH user terminal box is a fiber optic cable terminal, one of his fiber optic cable, the other end is the pigtail, the equivalent of a fiber optic cable is split into a single optical fiber equipment, installed on the wall of the user cable Terminal box, its function is to provide fiber and fiber welding, fiber and pigtail welding and optical connector transfer. And provides mechanical protection and environmental protection for optical fibers and their components and allows for proper inspection to maintain the highest standards of fiber management

  FTTH Box Optical fiber terminal box is widely used in the city, agricultural network system, data, image transmission system, CATV cable TV series, for indoor fiber cable through the direct access and branch, play the role of pigtail storage and protection joints, Cold-rolled steel plate made of electrostatic spray, the design structure is reasonable, beautiful and generous fiber core can be fixed in the terminal.

  The actual work of the terminal box can be used for indoor connector box, but rarely the terminal box when the terminal box with the use of different,

  1, the transfer box can be divided into cable transfer box and cable transfer box. Their role is used in the front of the user wiring.

  2, the connection box generally refers to the cable connection box, also known as the cable connector box.There are some places, especially radio and television system called light connection package, its role is to protect the cable connector is not subject to external damage. The patch panel is also divided into fiber optic patch panels and cable patch panels, the role is the same as the transfer box, but it is used in the operator's room.

  Fiber terminal box as a cable terminal equipment should have four basic functions.

  ① fixed function cable into the rack, the outer sheath and strengthen the core to be mechanical fixed, the installation of ground protection components, the end of the protection process, and the optical fiber grouping and protection.

  ② to connect the function of fiber optic cable leads to the cable and the cable after the welding, the excess fiber will be coiled storage, and the welding joints to protect.

  ③ deployment function will be connected to the cable connector on the cable connector, and the adapter on the other side of the optical connector to achieve optical docking. Adapters and connectors should be flexible and easy to pull; optical path can be freely deployed and tested.

  ④ storage function for the rack between the various cross-connect optical cable to provide storage, so that they can be neatly placed in a regular manner. Fiber optic terminal box should have the appropriate space and way, so that part of the optical cable line clear, easy to adjust, and to meet the minimum bending radius requirements. With the development of fiber-optic networks, the existing functionality of fiber-optic terminal boxes has been unable to meet many new requirements. Some manufacturers will be some fiber optic network components such as optical splitter, wavelength division multiplexer and optical switch directly to the fiber terminal box