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How To Buy Home Metal Optic Splice Cabinet

How to buy home Metal Optic Splice Cabinet
Home Metal Optic Splice Cabinet is home improvement power used to split and install the air switch box, Metal Optic Splice Cabinet material is generally metal, the front panel has plastic and metal, the panel also has a small flip cover easy to open , This small flip cover with transparent and opaque Metal Optic Splice Cabinet specifications according to the inside of the shunt may be small, there are four, five, more than a dozen Road, select the Metal Optic Splice Cabinet before the first design Good circuit shunt, and then according to the number of empty open, and is a single open or double open to calculate the Metal Optic Splice Cabinet specifications generally account for the location of the Metal Optic Splice Cabinet should be left in order to increase the future with the circuit
If the choice of the circuit breaker is too small, the circuit breaker is prone to frequent tripping, causing unnecessary power failure, such as the choice is too large, then the desired protection effect, so the home improvement circuit breaker, the correct choice of rated capacity current size is very Important
The general miniature circuit breaker specifications are mainly divided by rated current 6a, 10a, 16a, 20a, 25a, 32a, 40a, 50a, 63a, 80a, 100a and so on
What kind of Metal Optic Splice Cabinet and the total power does not matter, but the number of circuits and the circuit has a relationship, the Metal Optic Splice Cabinet to buy back and then with the air switch (empty open) and leakage protection (referred to as leakage protection) as you can How much power to see you into the line of the rated current general bus and socket on the open on the installation of leakage insurance (or with leakage of open air)
Leakage protection device 30ma: is the general leakage protection switch action current, usually people have a sense of electric shock and get rid of the current, meaning that when the electric current reaches a certain value when the people will feel numb, then the human brain or consciousness, Can control themselves to get rid of electric shock When the electric current and then to a certain value, people can not control their own out of the electric shock, and has been unconscious, and this current value is 30ma so leakage protection switch operating current set to 30ma leakage switch standards are 30 mA, that is, if the leakage current is greater than 30 mA on the action trip
Inside the open and the number of leaks according to your circuit to decide to buy a Metal Optic Splice Cabinet as long as the number of circuits to tell the number of Metal Optic Splice Cabinet can be a
But the circuit breaker has no obvious line breaking state or closed state indication function (ie, operation, the operator can see the working state), therefore, in front of the automatic circuit breaker (power side) should be added a set of knife switch such knife switch Not used to break and close the line current, commonly known as disconnector
Teach you how to buy home Metal Optic Splice Cabinet 2
Weak box: weak box is dedicated to the home weak system wiring box, also known as home intelligent wiring box, multimedia hub box, residential information wiring box to the family of broadband, telephone lines, audio lines, coaxial cable, Security network and other lines to conduct a reasonable and effective layout, to achieve people on the home phone, fax, computer, audio, TV, DVD player, security monitoring equipment and other network information appliances centralized management, sharing resources, is to solve the provision of home wiring system Solution of the product
Metal Optic Splice Cabinet is to solve the power security, and weak power box to solve the information is smooth, weak electrical box to facilitate the management and maintenance of weak, on the need for each line to adjust and manage, and expand the use of features, so that the family Weak distribution of reasonable lines, information unimpeded, such as failure, easy to check and maintain
The active equipment in the weak box has broadband router, telephone exchange, cable TV signal amplifier, etc., the structure of a modular (active equipment is a manufacturer-specific integrated module) and finished (active equipment is the use of existing manufacturers of finished equipment ) In contrast, the finished product of active equipment to buy mature brands on the market, the quality is relatively stable and reliable, more advanced technology, affordable, easy to replace and repair in the future
The passive equipment in the weak box can be equipped with the auxiliary module (such as the cable TV module, the telephone distribution module, etc.) produced by the manufacturer of the weak electric box. It can keep the clean and tidy box in the box to reserve enough space for easy installation. Source equipment, and configure the power outlet, but also for future upgrades in the wiring, in addition to laying power lines, there are cable TV cable and telephone lines, audio lines, video lines and network lines in addition to power lines other than those known as the cable For the "weak", the transmission of a variety of signals, we have to build a multi-functional, modern, highly intelligent home environment and ultimately, this need to wiring weak integrated wiring requires professional engineers for the owners to make a comprehensive and reasonable planning and design And construction, the only way to make the overall home improvement, orderly, practical, easy to use and future expansion.