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How To Operate The Metal Optic Splice Cabinet Safely

How to operate the Metal Optic Splice Cabinet safely
 Metal Optic Splice Cabinet is a common life in our distribution equipment, use it a lot of places to facilitate our daily life, then do you know how to safely operate Metal Optic Splice Cabinet? In order to make your use of Metal Optic Splice Cabinet more secure, complete sets of electrical equipment will explain to you about its safe operation.
First, strictly prevent the short circuit or ground, the operation should be with insulated gloves, the use of insulation tools, before the work to disable the relay protection device, then the temporary protection of the use of metal fiber optic connectors, Load, must be equipped with professional switches and fuses; second, is the protection of the protection of places, check the power and the secondary circuit of the staff, without the permission of the duty officer, are not allowed to carry out any switching operation. In the whole and part of the disk on the work, should be overhaul equipment and running equipment to clear signs separated, there are current transformers and voltage transformers secondary winding to have permanent, reliable protection, in order to reliably Current transformer and secondary winding short circuit, you must use short circuit and short circuit, prohibit the use of wire winding.
 A lot of people in the measurement of metal fiber connector insulation material will feel very surprised when the word, in fact, this measurement is necessary, we all know that the water is the conductor, in the insulation material is too high Resulting in decreased insulation performance, resulting in a serious electric shock. The following is our metal fiber optic connector factory manufacturers on the principle of this test and the specific implementation steps.
This method is first used by the British, and other measures of water content difference is that it is based on moisture in the oil - gas is bound to establish the principle of moisture balance between the test. The specific method is to put a semi-permeable tube into the oil, the oil in the water through the semi-permeable membrane into a closed loop, because the tube has dry air, making the circuit within the water vapor pressure increases, to The effect of water partial pressure balance in oil. Since the interface between the insulator and the oil in the Metal Optic Splice Cabinet is large, it is considered that the humidity between the two is relatively flat and the test is not affected by the type of oil, the running time, and the temperature, and therefore, Humidity to determine the degree of insulation of the insulator.
Metal Optic Splice Cabinet, we hear the word should not feel too strange it, it is often seen in our lives, but we use any one product when it has its precautions, Metal Optic Splice Cabinet Is the same, then let the Metal Optic Splice Cabinet manufacturers tell you the use of Metal Optic Splice Cabinet Note it
 1, in the construction of electricity distribution system should be set to the total Metal Optic Splice Cabinet, sub-Metal Optic Splice Cabinet, switch box, and in accordance with the total, points, open and other order set.

2, the construction of the distribution system is a Metal Optic Splice Cabinet, switch box installation location must be reasonable, the total Metal Optic Splice Cabinet must be as close as possible to the transformer or external power supply, so that the introduction of power.
3, to ensure that the temporary electricity distribution system three-phase load balance, the construction site of the power and lighting electricity should form two electricity circuit.
4, in the construction site all electrical equipment must have their own dedicated switch box.
The above is the Metal Optic Splice Cabinet manufacturers for everyone to briefly introduce the use of Metal Optic Splice Cabinet precautions, hope to be interested friends help!