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Installation And Use Of Optic Splice Cabinet

Installation and use of Optic Splice Cabinet
(1) Optic Splice Cabinet must be installed according to different types of requirements. Mobile Optic Splice Cabinet easy to use, ready to move away, generally placed in the terrain is slightly higher, not flooded or water leaching place.
Fixed fiber optic connector cabinet installation requirements of the box within the socket position from the ground height of 0.8-1.5m between the plug to facilitate the plug. The fiber-optic connector cabinet of the combined box (see Figure 7-5) and the wall-mounted (see Figure 7-6) is usually fixed to the wall. The ground of the bracket type fiber optic connector (see Figure 7-7) should be flat. The column-type fiber optic connector cabinet (see Figure 7-8) must be secured to a solid cement soil with a protective cable.
Suspension type Optic Splice Cabinet needs to be hanging place. Place the height to fit, easy to plug and prevent people from walking and working.
When the input of the Optic Splice Cabinet is the terminal board, the cable should be connected according to the mark. The wire connection terminals are lugged and fastened to the terminal block.
(2) Optic Splice Cabinet using plug-in, plug matching socket, appliance socket supporting connector. As long as the plug of electrical equipment into the same type of socket,
Turn on the power switch to supply power. On the contrary, after disconnecting the plug can be pulled out.
(3) note the following:
1) Note that the use of the plug socket must be a regular manufacturer logo and certification mark the product, beware of shoddy products.
2) Optic Splice Cabinet of the iron box shell to ground, to ensure personal safety.
3) to be in accordance with the provisions of the various Optic Splice Cabinet conditions and environmental conditions.
4) The use of portable fiber optic connector cabinet should be careful, do not drag, throw, so as to avoid damage.
5) Optic Splice Cabinet to regularly check the wiring firmness and insulation performance, to prevent dust or pollution, if necessary, should be cleaned to avoid poor contact or leakage.
Industrial Optic Splice Cabinet is a kind of industrial socket as the output interface of the power distribution equipment, referred to as Optic Splice Cabinet. Fiber optic junction cabinet in the 20th century, 90 years after the emergence of the country, is a new power distribution equipment, is gradually replacing the traditional terminal maintenance power box, construction power box, power box. Optic Splice Cabinet has a general-purpose, but also professional, but also according to customer requirements specifically designed.
Optic Splice Cabinet has the following characteristics:
(1) easy to use. Using plug and socket as input, the output interface to replace the terminal board, that is, instead of the traditional terminal wiring terminal block zero, the use of more convenient and practical.
(2) safe and reliable. Using in line with GB / T 11918-11919 a 2001 "industrial plugs and sockets and couplers" requirements of the industrial plug socket, with plug the security, high reliability characteristics.
(3) product diversification, wide use.
Optic Splice Cabinet to break the traditional single cabinet form, design a wide range of power distribution equipment, such as portable, hand wheel, frame, box, combination box, wall, bracket, Hanging and other products. In the case of the shell, but also change the past that kind of a single painted tin box, there are PC or PA made of small plastic case, not only good strength, impact resistance, and the appearance of good color beautiful. There are some products made of stainless steel box, not only beautiful, but also anti-tempered and durable, greatly improving the grade of distribution products.