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Light Box Function

1. Cable fixing and protection: with cable access, fixed and protected installation. Plug the cable into the device and fixed to the rack, protect the cable into the cable core from damage. Cable insulation machine and metal parts, fixed cable metal sheath and core-strengthening should be a reliable connection high voltage protective grounding.

2. Fiber optic cable termination function: with optical fiber termination device, the device cable core and pigtail splicing operations, construction, installation and maintenance. Fixing and protecting joint straight without displacement, to avoid external influence, ensure the coiled fiber core and fiber optical cable from damage.

3. Alignment functions through optical fiber jumper connectors connectors. Be able to quickly and easily schedule cable core serial number sequence and change of optical transmission system road.

4. Fiber core and Pigtail cable protection: cable stripping core have guards and fixed fiber termination devices.

5. Capacity: each rack capacity and unit capacity (determined according to the number of adapters) provision should be made in the product enterprise standard, fiber optic termination device, pigtail line winder, adapter cards, pigtails and adapters at full capacity should be able to complete the configuration.