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Metal Optic Distribution Box For The Use Of Electricity Metering Device Closed Management

Metal Optic Distribution Box for the use of electricity metering device closed management
Metal Optic Distribution Box for the use of electricity metering device closed management. Metal Optic Distribution Box manufacturers main measures are closed metering circuit, to prevent theft has a very good effect. Products after more than ten years of field operation test and improved several times, its technical performance to GB17466-1998 national standards, in full compliance with the national 3C security requirements, to fully meet the domestic supply and demand of regional technical requirements. Structure of the composition of the Metal Optic Distribution Box overall style novel, simple and smooth, beautiful appearance, easy installation, functional and practical. Metal Optic Distribution Box manufacturers solid and transparent, rational layout of the new layout, compact sealing performance. Users can be based on the needs of any flexible configuration of different configurations of the installation program. Metal fiber wiring box manufacturers overall structure: table box components and wiring can be directly watched, there are simple and full-featured, functional to meet the basic requirements of anti-tampering. Switch box: can be installed into the line disconnector and air switch. Clamshell design, customers can open the operation, and can be locked. Metal Optic Distribution Box factory box equipped with double screw terminal blocks.
Metal Optic Distribution Box manufacturers digital display function: intelligent energy consumption display, clock display, power consumption, power display. Monitoring function: intelligent monitoring and monitoring of different lines of household electricity, leakage, detection of household appliances, energy consumption performance. Metal Optic Distribution Box manufacturers energy-saving features: through the intuitive digital display, real-time monitoring of the family every line of electricity, the end of electrical standby waste, at the end to solve everyone's unconscious waste, to achieve energy-saving emission reduction requirements, saving electricity The Metal Optic Distribution Box manufacturers rental use: rental use of alternative meter function, each floor only a gate without the need for each room to install a meter, you can simplify the wiring, saving the purchase of electricity, cost savings. Metal fiber wiring box manufacturers crafts: the traditional electric gate because of the appearance of rough, affecting the entire room decoration, often on the corner, the door, but also for the family necessities; we will product technology, on the most prominent position, Beautify home improvement. Metal Optic Distribution Box manufacturers use genuine: test whether the purchase of electrical appliances meet the requirements, to prevent counterfeit cottage products, put an end to security risks! Metal Optic Distribution Box manufacturers to detect poor power appliances, to prevent energy loss! Metal fiber wiring box manufacturers to simplify the installation: modular products, simplify the installation of electrical steps, standardized installation lines to facilitate the follow-up throughout the family line maintenance, guide home wiring, to facilitate follow-up electrical use. Genuine accessories: complete sets of genuine accessories, standardized with control switches, standardized line design, a unified brand, quality guaranteed.
The internal wiring of the Metal Optic Distribution Box is crimped with the OT terminal block and is insulated by the casing, and the terminal is tightened with the special anti-loose tile pad to ensure the stability of the electrical performance. But also according to user needs to select the designated terminals, such as: Weidmuller, Phoenix, ABB and other well-known brands; cable into a variety of direction, mainly on the up, up and down, down into the next And other forms. Access line with pipe thread, configure the cable clamping seal, steel pipe, cable wiring can be; customer orders please specify, but also according to user requirements for special. Metal Optic Distribution Box with a special seal structure, good sealing effect, play a good protective effect; Metal Optic Distribution Box installation is generally hanging, special requirements can be made when the stand, seat or distribution cabinet formula. In addition to accessories, are Schneider components; other components such as: lights, buttons, instruments and other components, for my company special explosion-proof components, explosion-proof performance and electrical performance and reliable. Components can also be selected according to user requirements.