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Metal Optic Distribution Box The Specific Function And Function Of Metal Optical Fiber Distribution Box

 Metal Optic Distribution Box Metal fiber distribution box, the specific function and function of metal fiber optic distribution box, multimedia information box, home information box specifically for fiber to the home (FTTH) and design, FTTH is the name of a fiber directly to the family. The optical fiber storage box for the installation of fiber home households, including ONU equipment installation accessories, wireless router, 86-type fiber connection box, two three-pin socket, but also according to the needs of users matching network module, telephone module, limited TV Modules and so on. Weak management of the family of weak signals, including the network, telephone, television, security and other weak wiring, mainly to avoid weak interference by the strong power to enhance the quality of family life

  1. The main function of the fiber box is actually the room of the weak all the centralized management, which contains different modules, such as cable TV branch, you can put a cable TV line for four or five distributed to different rooms Without affecting its transmission performance.

  2. Metal Optic Distribution Box Optical access box can achieve home office automation, entertainment automation, security automation, management automation.

  Metal fiber distribution box - Features

  Feature editing

  1. Panel with plastic ABS + PC as raw material injection molding, with a cooling mesh, and does not affect the wireless signal transmission. Bottom box with hollow design, universal backplane, easy to install the adapter and other equipment.

  2. Beautiful appearance, generous, easy installation, fixed firmly.

  3. Wide versatility, flip-style grid design, compatible with different sizes ONU (such as Huawei, ZTE, flames, etc.), saving the equipment installation space on the WIFI wireless signal without shielding effect.

  4. Expandability, according to the specific circumstances of the family configuration of different modules (data module, voice module, security monitoring module, etc.), to achieve triple play.

  5. Metal Optic Distribution Box Convenient to the household weak signal unified wiring management, so that the strength of electricity to separate, to avoid the strong current on the weak signal interference, enhance the quality of family life.