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Mo Greedy Small Cheap Stainless Steel FTTH Box Quality Is Very Important

Mo greedy small cheap stainless steel FTTH Box quality is very important
In recent years, stainless steel FTTH Box market competition is quite intense, there are many FTTH Box manufacturers in the competitive incentive market come to the fore, some are gradually eliminated, there are those who are hungry hungry manufacturers. As the stainless steel FTTH Box market competition incentives, there have been some price war, and some regular manufacturers in order to faster development, given the factory price is quite low. However, some manufacturers are purely for the benefit, in order to reduce costs, and create a substandard products, resulting in stainless steel FTTH Box market there is a certain confusion.
Use the stainless steel FTTH Box friends, should be clear the role of FTTH Box, the normal operation can bring great benefits, failure is a very troublesome thing, so the choice of stainless steel FTTH Box to be careful. In the small series did not engage in stainless steel FTTH Box before working, to encounter such an example. A factory owner, greedy cheap to buy a black heart manufacturers of products, did not take long to fail, resulting in their own equipment because of electricity problems to stop working, delayed the time of delivery, the results can be imagined, according to the contract The other party breach of contract, resulting in a great loss.
Believe that the example of the factory owner, many friends have happened around, because the purchase of poor quality products, resulting in the last heavy losses. As a professional manufacturer of stainless steel FTTH Box manufacturers, Ming Ya Electric FTTH Box factory is necessary to remind you that the purchase of important products, do not talk about small cheap, careful to buy the quality of substandard products, it is worth the loss. Stainless steel FTTH Box as an electrical equipment, should pay attention to quality problems, Mo greedy small cheap.
Do not know friends have not encountered such a problem on the Internet, asked how much a product price is. Foshan Mingya Electric FTTH Box factory as Guangdong's largest FTTH Box manufacturers, often encounter such a problem, stainless steel FTTH Box price is what price. In fact, for this problem, there is no specific answer on the Internet, especially for a product model, specifications do not understand the case, you want to know the price is quite difficult.
As we all know, do business, the price of the product is not fixed in a position, there will always be some fluctuations. Of course, this is based on the number of customers to buy products to set. For example, Guokun production of stainless steel FTTH Box (as shown below) price in the thousands of dollars, of course, this is the purchase of a relatively small number of cases, if the purchase of the number of enough, the price will certainly be reduced. For this point, I believe that many manufacturers are doing this, for the price of the product, not a manufacturer will be a price, there will be a certain price concessions. of course. For the purchase of a small number of friends, you can refer to the next price on the price or other information on the platform, and then consult some manufacturers, I believe you buy, the price will not appear too high.
In the FTTH Box made after the molding is not really finished, but also need to be its alkali washing, why should it be alkaline washing it? In fact, the purpose is to remove the surface of the FTTH tank attached to the oil. Scrub, the purpose is to erase the lye residue.
The surface of the FTTH Box is generally non-continuous and non-continuous by the naturally occurring oxide film. Membrane treatment. Removal of the oxide film after the need for further treatment with water.
Chemical treatment of the FTTH Box is to make the surface of the FTTH Box dense and uniform continuous film, this step of the process is actually equivalent to the steel surface of the phosphating process, but it is also different, generally used The solution is different.