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Optic Distribution Frame The Appearance And Material Of The Optical Patch Panel

Optic Distribution Frame Optical patch panel The optical fiber patch panel is the wiring between the cable and the optical communication device or between the optical communication equipment. The optical fiber patch panel (ODF) is used in the optical fiber communication system. End and distribution, can easily achieve the fiber line connection, distribution and scheduling. With the increasing degree of network integration, there has been set ODF, DDF, power distribution unit in one of the number of light mixed patch panels for fiber to the district, fiber to the building, remote module and wireless base station of small and medium-sized Line system

  Corrosion resistance

  Optic Distribution Frame ODF All parts used in the material should have anti-corrosion properties, such as the material without anti-corrosion properties should be anti-corrosion treatment; its physical and chemical properties must be stable and compatible with the cable jacket and pigtail jacket. To prevent corrosion and other damage, these materials must also be compatible with the materials commonly used in other equipment.

  Anti - corrosion performance

  ODF in the surface plating of the metal structure, in the salt spray test method for 48h salt spray test, the appearance of the eye can not see the visible rust.

  Coating treatment requirements

  The use of coated metal structure, the coating and the substrate should have a good adhesion, adhesion should not be less than GB / T9286 standard Table I in the two requirements: at the intersection of incision and / or along the edge of the incision Layer off, the affected cross-cutting area was significantly greater than 5%, but not significantly greater than 15%.

  Burning performance requirements

  The combustion performance of structural parts and optical fiber connectors of nonmetallic materials in equipment shall meet one of the following conditions:

  1) the test sample is not ignited;

  2) The test sample remains ignited for a period of no more than 10 s after the fire and the flame or the burning or burning particles falling from the test sample does not cause the combustion to spread to the bottom of the test sample

  Unit type

  Unit-type fiber patch panel is installed in a rack a number of units, each unit is a separate fiber patch panel. This patch panel not only retains the characteristics of the original small and medium-sized optical fiber patch panel, but also through the structure of the deformation of the rack, providing space utilization, is a large-capacity optical fiber distribution frame early common structure. But because of its inherent limitations in the provision of space, in the operation and use of a certain inconvenience.

  Drawer style

  Drawer type fiber patch panel is also a rack is divided into multiple units, each unit consists of one to two drawers. When the welding and transfer line, pull out the corresponding drawer to operate outside the frame, which has a larger operating space, so that each unit does not affect each other. The drawer is provided with a locking device in both pull-out and push-in conditions to ensure safe and reliable operation and use of devices within the unit. Although this fiber patch panel cleverly for the cable terminal operation to provide a larger space, but with the unit, like in the optical cable storage and placement, still can not provide the greatest convenience. This type of rack is currently the most in one form.


  Optic Distribution Frame Modular structure is divided into a variety of functional modules, fiber optic cable splicing, transfer lines, cable storage and other functional operations, respectively, in the module to complete, these modules can be combined according to the need to install a common rack Inside. This structure provides maximum flexibility to better meet the needs of the communications network. The introduction of modular high-capacity fiber distribution rack, the use of panels and drawers and other unique structure, so that the fiber welding and deployment line operation more convenient; In addition, the use of vertical cable trough and the middle distribution frame, effectively solve the pigtail cloth Put and store problems. So it is the most popular in a large capacity fiber patch panel, but its cost is relatively high

  The selection of fiber optic patch panel is an important and complicated work, all localities should be based on the specific circumstances of the local, give full consideration to various factors, in a serious understanding, repeated comparison on the basis of the election to meet the current needs of the most And the future development of fiber optic patch panels