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Optic Splice Cabinet Industry Development Market Is Highly Competitive

Optic Splice Cabinet industry development market is highly competitive
  According to industry statistics, in the international economy is not the environment of the economy, Optic Splice Cabinet industry, like China's economy, still achieve a steady and smooth operation of the situation. With the construction of power facilities and gradually expand, at home and abroad Optic Splice Cabinet demand is generally in a state of expansion, the market prospects are considerable. However, the domestic Optic Splice Cabinet production capacity surplus, enterprises generally lack sufficient independent innovation capability, lack of high-end market competitiveness, development potential is still insufficient.
        In China Optic Splice Cabinet, low-end products are still mass production, and the product volume, consumption of a large number of precious metals and silver, copper, ferrous metals, plastics and other materials. Many materials are subject to international market prices. So Optic Splice Cabinet main raw material prices will be difficult to change the situation. In addition, with the shortage of funds, rising financial costs and rapid increase in staff salaries to bring staff costs are irreversible. It will be on the Optic Splice Cabinet production profit margins have a greater impact. Many companies have been in a low profit and loss state. At the same time, to the enterprise to increase scientific research, new product development and technical innovation to bring difficulties. Therefore, the hope that the industry enterprises to continue through large-scale production of high value-added products to reduce manufacturing costs. Industry SMEs should learn from the experience of outstanding enterprises to speed up the promotion of enterprise scale and product core competitiveness, expand the third generation of product market share and the development of independent intellectual property rights, distinctive, level of new products, high starting point technology Transformation, so that enterprises as soon as possible because of the lack of competitive products and market out of the situation.
        In China's ongoing smart grid construction, to develop suitable for the terminal market Optic Splice Cabinet products, which is both a challenge and an opportunity. The face of foreign-funded enterprises to increase investment in the field of Optic Splice Cabinet, the domestic private enterprises in the market competition will remain at a disadvantage. In this regard, we hope that the industry and enterprises to combine the actual development of enterprises, hard skills, adjust and optimize the product structure, speed up the transformation and upgrading, change the growth mode, to achieve extensive production methods to technology-driven, resource-saving way to change and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises And anti-risk ability. To keep up with the international Optic Splice Cabinet technology trends, in the development of new products to actively aim at cutting-edge technology, and actively develop high-end products and can hold independent intellectual property rights, distinctive, horizontal, market new products, Improve the market share of high-end products. To seize the opportunity of smart grid construction to improve the Optic Splice Cabinet intelligent upgrade China's power grid construction is a foregone conclusion, Optic Splice Cabinet products in order to continue to maintain the existing share of the domestic market, then strengthen the new technology research and development is imperative, need to be intelligent Upgrade. From the macro environment, China's smart grid, the rapid development of new energy, low-carbon economy has gradually become a new economic growth model, the traditional Optic Splice Cabinet industry in the direction of the transformation of intelligent electrical industry to upgrade. From the industrial environment, the rapid development of the power industry is expected to invest 2 trillion yuan by 2020, 3 to 3.6 trillion yuan of power grid construction, smart grid of electrical equipment has more than 1 trillion yuan market demand; The total installed capacity of the generator will reach 1.78 billion kilowatts, of which solar power installed capacity of 20 million kilowatts, wind power installed capacity of 150 million kilowatts, Optic Splice Cabinet industry to provide more market space. Therefore, in the smart grid into the construction of an important period, the rapid construction of urbanization, urban and rural distribution network of intelligent construction, smart grid and intelligent complete sets of equipment, intelligent distribution, control system has entered the golden development of new opportunities, Is a new generation of energy-saving, materials, high-performance Optic Splice Cabinet products will be greater development, increasingly strong market demand for intelligent upgrades to provide the necessary market conditions, worthy of the industry's high degree of concern.