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Optic Splice Cabinet Of Different Types And Application Areas

Optic Splice Cabinet of different types and application areas
Optical Optic Splice Cabinet is one of the distribution box, belonging to the various places for the lighting to provide power distribution box, because some places for the layout of the lighting facilities are messy, so the need for an overall control system, then the Optic Splice Cabinet , He can be used in complex lighting facilities, it can be to prevent damage to lighting equipment, lighting can also be high for the safety requirements of the place. There are some, especially in some extreme places, such as underground mines, and its easy to explode, so in order to prevent the explosion of lighting equipment and distribution box damage, the formation of greater harm, and with explosion-proof Optic Splice Cabinet The Then there are some other areas of application mainly by the following places.

Optical Optic Splice Cabinet in accordance with the use of the environment can be divided into the functional area of the Optic Splice Cabinet, the public Optic Splice Cabinet, lighting metering distribution box, indoor fiber optic connector cabinet and outdoor landscape of the optical Optic Splice Cabinet, each have a useless role As well as different applications, the functional area of the Optic Splice Cabinet is mainly used in some large occasions, such as what business center, shopping plaza and restaurants and so on. Is to achieve a place where all the lighting equipment can work properly for the purpose. The distribution of the common optical Optic Splice Cabinet is generally used in various industries, including the emergency Optic Splice Cabinet, in the prone to accident in the premises can still achieve the lighting function of the facilities, require more stringent, shell The production of solid, internal precision, the rest also need to be set in accordance with the requirements of the building. Lighting metering distribution box is mainly with the floor or functional area of the fiber optic connector cabinet for the use of the merger, the application of the basic difference is not. Indoor Optic Splice Cabinet is our home may be more with some of the more, what other hotels, restaurants and other areas is not particularly large occasions, the construction of outdoor landscape fiber optic connector cabinet is what we see in the public in the evening lighting equipment, The more beautiful that can be used to do the scene, the use of more in this regard.

As the application of fiber optic junction cabinet and the environment is different, so a model size of the Optic Splice Cabinet is not to meet all the environmental use, if the need for friends can find a special distribution box manufacturers to customize.