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SMC Optic Distribution Box Installation Need To Pay Attention To What

SMC Optic Distribution Box installation need to pay attention to what
SMC Optic Distribution Box is relatively sophisticated products, it is a collection of a range of all lighting equipment, power supply, then the installation of the time need to pay special attention, in some places because there is no installed SMC Optic Distribution Box And the impact of lighting equipment, the main factors are there are environmental factors.

1: SMC Optic Distribution Box in the installation of the need to be wired, so the SMC fiber optic distribution box within the DC AC power needs to be divided and marked, if you want to know the detailed process can understand our news ,

2: SMC fiber optic distribution box shell to use cold-rolled plate, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, produced, because often in some high temperature environment, so you can not use those flammable materials to make, extremely prone to accidents, But also do a good job of fire treatment, to prevent a fire.

3: SMC fiber wiring box wiring method should be used to package the insulation sleeve, especially in the wiring leads to the panel, the plate punching paint to be smooth and no burr, the way electric shock occurred.

4: SMC optical fiber distribution box installation environment and the general distribution box is somewhat similar, due to the internal circuit structure is complex, SMC fiber optic distribution box installation should be in a higher position, the provisions of the position is about 1.8M. Can prevent the rain generated when the rain into the distribution box on the impact of the circuit.

5: SMC optical fiber distribution box thickness and size need to work in accordance with the environment to produce, the vertical deviation should not be greater than 3 mm. Concealed, SMC fiber optic distribution box should be no space around the four edges of the panel should be close to the wall And can not cause squeezing and destruction of the box.