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Special Issue On Optical Networks And Systems (ONS)

State-of-the-art optical networks and systems (both fiber and wireless) offer today effective solutions in different network segments, including access, metro and backbone networks, intra- and inter-datacenter networks, high-performance computing system interconnections, etc. Meanwhile, the emerging Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization paradigms are completely reshaping the concept of networking, with a strong impact on flexibility and programmability requirements for optical network architectures, switching nodes and transmission systems. Additionally, the emerging technology of optical wireless communications has gained enormous popularity in recent years as complementary technology to optical fiber and radio frequency based communications for both indoor and outdoor applications. This continuously evolving scenario leads to a number of research and development challenges that still need to be addressed by the scientific community.

The scope of this special issue is concentrated on the latest developments in all research areas related to optical networks and enabling systems. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Next generation optical network architecture design and performance evaluation

  • Software defined optical networks

  • Virtualization in optical networks

  • Optical inter- and intra-data center interconnections

  • Elastic and flexible grid optical networks

  • Energy efficient/green optical networks and systems

  • Optical network control and management

  • Optical network security