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Technical Characteristics And Joint Classification Of Optical Fiber Cable Joint Box

Technical characteristics and joint classification of optical fiber cable joint box

Technical characteristics

Size: height 430mm, inner diameter 135mm, Max outside diameter 210mm

• cable hole neck: Phi 20mm

Single disk core number: 12/24

• maximum melt Pan: minimum capacity 4 cores, maximum capacity 144 cores

Maximum number: 6 - splice

Tensile seal: 2000N axial tension, no leakage.

• withstand voltage strength: 15KV (DC).

Tensile seal: after the product is inflated, it can withstand the axial tension of 2000N without leakage.

Impact seal: the product can withstand the impact energy 16N*m (Newton * meters) impact three times, the product no cracks, no leakage.

Other performance requirements meet the requirements of YD/T814.1-2004 standard.

Joint classification

According to the shape of the structure can be divided into cap type optical fiber cable joint box and horizontal optical cable joint box two kinds;

According to cable laying methods, overhead, pipeline (tunnel) and buried directly;

According to the mode of optical cable connection, it can be divided into two kinds: through connection and split connection;

According to the sealing way, there are heat shrinkable seal type and mechanical seal type.

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