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Technology Of Light Box Parameters

Insulation resistance: grounding box gold artifacts of the insulation resistance shall be not less than 2x104M ω, DC test voltage 500V.

Withstand voltage level: grounding box gold artifacts of voltage withstand level shall not be less than 3000V (DC) 1min no breakdown, no arcing.

Optical fiber connector loss (including inserts, interchangeable, repeatability) is not more than 0.5dB. Return loss of optical fiber connector: PC-≥ 40dB UPC-≥ 50dB APC-60dB

Fiber optic connector-plug service life > 1000 times

Enclosure surface can withstand the perpendicular to the surface of the pressure over 980N, door opens, the outer end should be able to withstand the vertical stress than 200N