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Understand The Characteristics Of SMC Optic Distribution Box

Understand the characteristics of SMC Optic Distribution Box

SMC optical fiber distribution box, also known as precision distribution cabinet, is a power distribution cabinet that collects all energy data from the end of the energy of the data center. To provide high-precision measurement data for the terminal energy monitoring system, the power quality data can be reflected in real time through the display unit, and the features of SMC Optic Distribution Box are shown below.

Features of SMC Optic Distribution Box

Perfect monitoring system: a complete electrical measurement information, for the power supply system to provide effective management and risk early warning and monitoring of up to 84 road feeder circuit and a power supply into the line of electrical parameters, provide the main power supply into line and the running of each branch circuit, power and harmonic current and so on complete information. SMC Optic Distribution Box can cooperate leakage acquisition unit to realize on-line leakage monitoring function, at the same time cooperate with temperature sensor attachment on the column head inside temperature real-time monitoring, to improve the security of the power supply system in the computer room.

High precision, wide range: to provide accurate measurement data at the same time to satisfy various requirements, meet the monitoring of racks and blade server power supply, SMC Optic Distribution Box a variety of feeder CT range choice will be to minimize the measurement error. The branch circuit supports the requirement of the circuit measurement of 100A.

High performance, high integration, good performance and high integration products, very good to ensure the equipment running more stable, safe, by means of concentrated processing branch measurement products high level of integration, power monitoring collection device size is only (214 * 168), SMC Optic Distribution Box can be in the column header tank within a relatively narrow space free installation, greatly enhance the overall installation capacity and operation stability, contained in the late more convenient user maintenance.

Let users understand the load operation in time, and can realize the monitoring and alarm of each PDU power source, multilayer alarm Settings to prevent potential power failure, making it easy for users to help identify potential safety hazard, and avoid the risk of power distribution. SMC Optic Distribution Box The alarm is full, the precision distribution is realized, and the local power failure caused by the wrong operation is reduced. The system can save 3000 historical records and fault information locally, SMC Optic Distribution Box and the data collection has a strong real-time performance, providing critical data analysis for users to analyze the cause of failure.

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Address:NO.1 Xiyuan Rd, WestLake Science&Tech. Park, Hangzhou,China

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