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What Are The Aspects Of The Intelligentization Of Metal Optic Splice Cabinet?

What are the aspects of the intelligentization of Metal Optic Splice Cabinet?
With the intelligent, transmission and distribution system of intelligent increasingly popular, technology is more and more strong. Take the metal fiber connector in the power system! Metal Optic Splice Cabinet intelligent system function is reflected in many aspects: the host computer using touch screen TPC1062K, through the touch screen and field devices connected, and in the touch screen for database variable configuration, interface design, completed in the host computer monitoring field intelligent instrument PZ72L-E4 / KC, PZ80L-E4 / KC, ARD2F motor protection, circuit breakers and other power distribution equipment and the status of the operation of the function. Specific intelligence embodied in the following areas:
1. System diagram shows
Real-time display of intelligent Metal Optic Splice Cabinet circuit in the real-time understanding of the status of the equipment, for the occurrence of the fault in a timely manner, and in the touch screen to achieve the equipment sub-closing control to achieve remote control operation.
2. Data acquisition display
PZ80L-E4 / KC intelligent electrical measuring table, feeder circuit PZ72L-E4 / KC intelligent instrument, the outlet circuit of the motor protector ARD2F-100A / CKQ and PZ72L-E4 / KC AC test Instrument, three-phase voltage, three-phase current, frequency, power factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power and other parameters, and real-time accurate display in the man-machine interface, user-friendly system to understand the various operating parameters and conduct Energy consumption monitoring management.
4. Curve display
PZ80L-E4 / KC intelligent instrumentation, feeder circuit PZ72L-E4 / KC electrical measuring table, outlet circuit low voltage motor protector ARD2F and PZ72L-E4 / KC intelligent electric measuring table [3] ] Of the three-phase current transmission to the man-machine interface with the form of the curve, to provide users with real-time curve to help users understand the power consumption of equipment, user-friendly real-time understanding of electrical equipment.
5. Data storage
The system collects the metal data of the Metal Optic Splice Cabinet, the feeder circuit and the outlet circuit, and searches the historical data according to the time period. The time interval is used to inquire the historical data collected by the system, and the fault occurs during the operation of the outlet circuit motor Real-time storage, the query results in the touch screen save data browsing construction display, user-friendly equipment running parameters and operating conditions in real time to understand, and can achieve the export of data, easy to understand the operation of the various equipment history.
6. Fault record
Through the touch screen telemetry intelligent Metal Optic Splice Cabinet into the line loop, feeder circuit, outlet circuit of the various equipment voltage, current, power, frequency, power factor and other parameters and communication failure to achieve alarm function, and real-time recording, user-friendly Understand the status of the operating parameters of the field device over the set value and the operation status of the equipment.
In general, the Metal Optic Splice Cabinet intelligent system features are:
a. Perfect data acquisition function to realize the data acquisition, display and operation analysis of all the electrical equipment of the intelligent Metal Optic Splice Cabinet. The data acquisition of the Metal Optic Splice Cabinet is realized by the communication module, and the data is transmitted from the communication to the background monitor.
b. safe operation monitoring, the operator with the touch screen system man-machine interface, monitoring intelligent Metal Optic Splice Cabinet line, feeder, outlet circuit equipment running status, and real-time display, easy to change the operating state of the equipment in time for analysis and deal with.
c. The system is reliable, providing intelligent Metal Optic Splice Cabinet into the line, feeder, outlet circuit of the main equipment running status alarm records show that the operator for the fault alarm and accident status emergency treatment.