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What Are The Requirements For SMC Optic Distribution Box Wiring?

What are the requirements for SMC Optic Distribution Box wiring?
 We are not open electricity, electricity is our daily home life, the most important equipment products, we almost every day electricity, and now has formed a habit of electricity. The SMC Optic Distribution Box is a low-voltage circuit system that protects the circuit at the end of the system. This is the SMC Optic Distribution Box. This knowledge, hope to help you to SMC Optic Distribution Box how to understand the wiring.
        1, if you install the home SMC Optic Distribution Box, you need to buy into the line, the choice of four square meters is almost, through the leakage switch in the fire line to connect to the home of the total switch gates, through the line of fire connected to the room switch , Because the zero line is common, separate to each room on the line.
        2, home SMC Optic Distribution Box wiring, to see the home SMC Optic Distribution Box wiring diagram design, do not confuse the zero line and the line of fire, if the two once the wrong, it will not produce power, to People caused by misunderstanding, in fact, whether it is connected or reversed, because the role of leakage switch, will make the zero line and FireWire action, because many of the zero line in the leakage switch which are together, so after the opening, There is no zero line only FireWire, so the line of fire and the wrong line is wrong to pay attention to the problem, as to how to distinguish between the two do not make mistakes, you can look at the leakage switch.
        3, before installing the home SMC Optic Distribution Box, be sure to buy the equipment involved in the complete, and then measure the home circuit rated current and operating voltage is how much, according to the home circuit power supply configuration of a similar SMC Optic Distribution Box , And then design a home SMC Optic Distribution Box wiring diagram, through the home SMC Optic Distribution Box wiring diagram for construction and installation, so that the whole process down, the installation is also very convenient.
        The above-mentioned, general household SMC Optic Distribution Box wiring, are the need for specialized master to operate, because they are not only professional, there are professional protective equipment, etc., in the installation of home SMC Optic Distribution Box wiring, do not Forget to close the home of the total gate, security is still very important.
  China's local enterprises and foreign enterprises in the manufacturing level gap is very large. Compared with foreign countries, China's material level and process level behind. Such as SMC Optic Distribution Box manufacturing engineering plastics, contact materials, bimetallic materials, magnetic materials, conductive materials, elastic materials, vacuum materials and varistors in terms of material variety, precision, performance consistency and other aspects of foreign companies Big gap. Technology and manufacturing technology research is seriously inadequate, key parts manufacturing process and key equipment and foreign large gap, unable to meet the requirements of new product mass production, affecting the SMC Optic Distribution Box product quality and reliability of the upgrade. SMC Optic Distribution Box Production process On-line testing equipment and automatic assembly production line is one of the major gaps in the manufacturing level of SMC Optic Distribution Box in China and the main reason for the quality stability and consistency of SMC Optic Distribution Box. Therefore, the "second five" period, China SMC Optic Distribution Box products from the past focus on the pursuit of high yield gradually towards the pursuit of high quality, product reliability, appearance and so on. At the same time, increase R & D investment, including equipment, design, materials, technology, etc., to shorten the gap with foreign enterprises, which requires industry companies to improve manufacturing processes and manufacturing equipment, speed up SMC Optic Distribution Box dedicated production equipment, testing equipment and Automatic online detection technology research and development speed, increase the technological transformation of enterprises and so on. At the same time, the industry will also be in the development of intelligent manufacturing, the implementation of reliability improvement project, and actively lead the SMC Optic Distribution Box industry science to effectively carry out reliability work. The reliability design method, the reliability manufacturing process, the applicability test and the evaluation, the fault analysis and the correction technology are carried out through the research and analysis of the reliability technology of the electrical and the system in the design, manufacture, testing, installation and use of the electrical and the system. , The SMC Optic Distribution Box product reliability database is established to lay the foundation for the full realization of reliability engineering for SMC Optic Distribution Box. Through the industry guidance, engineering demonstration and standard implementation, we will carry out reliability system engineering construction to enhance the overall SMC Optic Distribution Box Reliability level and SMC Optic Distribution Box manufacturing level.