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What Are The Traditional Advantages Of Metal Optic Splice Cabinet?

What are the traditional advantages of Metal Optic Splice Cabinet?

The metal fiber joint cabinet is also the precision distribution cabinet, which is a power distribution cabinet that collects all the energy data from the energy end of the data center machine room. Provide high-precision measurement data for the terminal energy monitoring system, and reflect the power quality data in real time through the display unit. And the digital communication is uploaded to the background environment control system. Effective management of real-time monitoring and running quality of the whole distribution system. Help users optimize the network data center, strengthen energy consumption management, improve the efficiency of server rack operation, and realize the reliable guarantee of all-round green IDC. IT is mainly used for telecom, finance, government, and IT etc. IDC data center or industrial enterprise and other important customers, to provide electric power distribution for web servers and other important equipment, power distribution circuit protection, measurement and management in the computer services such as ground, used for high power supply reliability requirements Uninterrupted power supply.

The advantages of traditional Metal Optic Splice Cabinet are the function of power distribution management and distribution of power supply to the load cabinet. In addition to the distribution management, the metal fiber joint cabinet has the function of running management and safety management, which effectively improves the reliability of the whole distribution system and reduces the risk. The traditional distribution cabinet supports less circuit and the overall area is large; The metal fiber joint cabinet adopts high - precision and high - integrated module, which improves the volume of the cabinet and supports more circuits, thus reducing the floor area. Traditional distribution ark use pointer instrument or digital display instrument, only limited monitoring distribution parameters, satisfy the need of basic metal fiber connector ark adopts high integration, high reliability of computer motherboards, all operation parameters of the comprehensive monitoring system, and through the HMI display, reduced to occupy space distribution cabinets, improved the power distribution ark volume rate.

Metal fiber connector ark the into the line parameters, three phase voltage, three three line voltage, active power, total active power three, three reactive power, reactive power, three apparent power and apparent power, split-phase power, total power, harmonic content, total switch working state, zero sequence current.

Metal fiber connector ark branch parameters: branch current and branch voltage, branch active power, branch of reactive power, apparent power, branch, branch power harmonics, branch switch state.

Metal fiber connector ark alarm and event processing: user can specify: bus, bus current, branch current and voltage switch state changes to tactor alarm, system can record the historical events and store up to 30 days, can also be stored in the U dish for reference.

Metal fiber connector ark user management: I remote control software development company, good for human to actual site operation and maintenance, as long as through information manipulation can achieve the result of our ideal operation, at the same time, we can also through the HMI definition into the permissions, given different access, provides security for maintenance.

Ark of Metal Optic Splice Cabinet can also be through a third party monitoring: HMI can provide RS485/232 or Ethernet front-end ports can access various with the three of the MODBUS communication protocol of intelligent equipment, this system can direct access by IP address, really achieve the remote monitoring.

Relative to other similar products, the advantages of intelligent power distribution cabinets also lies in the accurate design, intelligent power distribution cabinets integrate the cabinet type column header tank, the advantages of the regular column head tank, thus developed a sophisticated features, greatly reduced the complexity of the system as a whole, save investment, in the original factory to complete the assembly and debugging, through strict system test, to ensure the safe and reliable power distribution system. This also makes it easy for non-electrical engineers to operate power distribution systems when they are used and maintained. The whole system adopts modular structure design, can according to the actual needs of the client machine room, tailored for the whole system, providing customers with high reliability, high flexibility and humanized integration of power distribution solutions. Intelligent precision distribution cabinet is mainly used in power, telecommunication, enterprise, government and other data centers and machine rooms. The whole distribution system adopts standardized design.