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What Should The Optic Splice Cabinet Be Aware Of

What should the Optic Splice Cabinet be aware of

Optic Splice Cabinet ark manufacturer of optical fiber connector ark plays a crucial role in our life, but when we are in it, should pay attention to what problem, how should we have to modify it? So let's talk a little bit about that!

First, when in the process of to modify it, it is best to increase the size of box body is appropriate, main is to increase the gap between the electrical safety of the parts, in the process of transformation, we can also in the casing spraying has heat insulation performance of chemical coating, in this way, can reduce a lot of radiation, which reduces the temperature of the casing. In other words, it will produce a lot of heat when it is running, so it is necessary to install the temperature control relay and exhaust fan inside so that the heat can be eliminated in time.

I don't know if you have any idea. We can say, as technology continues to advance, is more and more high to the requirement of power distribution equipment, and fiber optic connectors ark is also one of the most important aspect, therefore, for its reform is unavoidable.

Fiber connector manufacturers tell us that we need to pay attention to many problems in the daily selection of low-pressure products, so what do we need to know when choosing? Let us be specific about this today!

First, when at the time of to select it, for the product of its relative humidity should be close to 100% of the special wet place, the second is the relative humidity is required this product it can not be more than 75%, and the product it is can not have dust of corrosive gas or steam, and in the process of use, not with flammable and explosive substances, otherwise, there will be dangerous, its low fiber connector ark can choose open.

The Optic Splice Cabinet produced by Optic Splice Cabinet is protective, but what is it that causes it to malfunction? Today, I give you several reasons for the failure of Optic Splice Cabinet.

1, the influence of environment temperature on the low voltage apparatus, actually this kind of low voltage apparatus in the process of work, the requirements of the temperature of the upper limit is no more than 40 ℃, if the temperature is passed, this will cause an accident, generally in the process of use, the lower limit of ambient air temperature is not lower than 5 ℃ and 25 ℃, these are all need to be aware of when using the environment temperature.

Option 2, electrical appliances, it is quite important, because at the time of production, the contactor capacity choice not appropriate, will cause this problem, but also require special consideration to the unbalanced three-phase load situation, these are all we need to know the knowledge.

Optic Splice Cabinet manufacturer here is with advanced production equipment, rich experience, so the products are of a certain quality assurance, so broad in their daily is safe to use.

Ark manufacturer introduces Optic Splice Cabinet construction of electricity distribution system should be set total ark of fiber optic connectors, fiber optic connector cabinets, switch box, and in accordance with the "total points - open" order for grading Settings, and formed "tertiary distribution pattern. In this fiber joint cabinet manufacturer for your specific introduction.

The installation position of each fiber joint cabinet and switch box of the power distribution system is reasonable. The total fiber connector should be close to the transformer or external power source, so as to introduce the power supply. The splice Optic Splice Cabinet should be installed in the center of the equipment or load relative concentration to ensure the balance of the three-phase load. The position of the switch box installation shall be as close to the electric equipment as it is controlled.