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Who Will Decide The Price Of The SMC Optic Distribution Box?

Who will decide the price of the SMC Optic Distribution Box?
We know that there are many factors that affect the price of the SMC Optic Distribution Box, neither by the seller nor by the buyer. That the different manufacturers to sell the price of the cabinet has a world of difference, in the end what is the reason?
SMC Optic Distribution Box price is based on these factors, a comprehensive calculation, and some manufacturers in a simple consideration, the size of the cabinet to calculate the price, the specific calculation is as follows: If your original box size is 80 * 100 * 20, then calculate the surface area of the box 2 * (0.08 * 0.1 + 0.08 * 0.02 + 0.1 * 0.02) = 0.0232m2. 72 * 90 * 20 box surface area 2 * (0.072 * 0.09 + 0.072 * 0.02 + 0.09 * 0.02) = 0.01944m2. Then 0.8 thick 72 * 90 * 20 SMC Optic Distribution Box price 198 * 0.01944 / 0.0232 = 165.9 yuan; 0.8 thick 72 * 90 * 20 SMC Optic Distribution Box body price 298 * 0.01944 / 0.0232 = 249.7 yuan. This is probably calculated, is the result of long-term practice concluded by the enterprise. In fact, have to consider the point flanging. All materials may be calculated more than this. Price is slightly more expensive than this point.
And these factors in the final analysis is actually the difference between buyers and sellers.
First of all, we say that the buyer's needs are different:
1. Some buyers will give manufacturers to produce their own product drawings, and that the required functions and to configure the components and so on. Which largely determines the price of the product.
2. The degree of security of the buyer for the SMC Optic Distribution Box is different due to the use of the scene. This determines the material used by the product, with the components are very different. Of course, the price will be different. You such as imported steel and domestic steel, 304 stainless steel and general steel prices and so on.
Let's talk about the seller's difference:
1. Component price costs are different. As the various SMC Optic Distribution Box manufacturers procurement components of different channels, the various components suppliers to give preferential treatment is different, so the manufacturers get the cost of different components.
2. The cost of labor processing is different. Regular SMC Optic Distribution Box manufacturers have their own fixed production line, regardless of whether the existing orders to meet the production, have to bear the cost of manpower. Rather than regular manufacturers do not have a fixed plant or a fixed production staff, orders from the market to hire a group of temporary staff to produce, compared to regular manufacturers can save a lot of cost.
3.SMC Optic Distribution Box business operating costs are different. Regular manufacturers need to maintain the normal operation of enterprises, need to invest a lot of equipment costs, labor costs, fixed asset costs, compared to non-regular manufacturers, business operating costs are higher.
Note: It is recommended that you do not have to install the SMC Optic Distribution Box, so that you can save the cost of the components to the maximum extent, but to purchase the box that the functional board can expand and minimize the replacement of SMC Optic Distribution Box frequency.
The operation of the SMC Optic Distribution Box should be carried out in strict accordance with the operating procedures, and the SMC Optic Distribution Box will be tightly engaged with the load during the use of the SMC Optic Distribution Box. Otherwise, it will form a large arc burned power distribution component or SMC Optic Distribution Box operator burns and other accidents. When inspecting the SMC Optic Distribution Box on a regular basis, maintenance inspectors should conduct a thorough inspection. If the components in the SMC Optic Distribution Box are found to have severe heat, the cause of the heat should be identified and the wiring should be tightened. In addition, if there is dust, debris and other cleaning in the SMC Optic Distribution Box, keep the SMC Optic Distribution Box clean and tidy.