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Wiring Requirements For Plastic Optic Distribution Box

Wiring requirements for Plastic Optic Distribution Box

Plastic fiber distribution box used in our lives is very much, the main role is to provide low voltage circuit system to achieve high performance, but also for the end of the system circuit protection conversion. For some factories in the use of Plastic Optic Distribution Box are specialized staff wiring, so in some of the wiring requirements are done in place, there will not be any wiring mistakes. Then there is a commonly used home plastic optical fiber distribution box, also need to install the wiring, then the Internet has a lot of plastic fiber wiring box wiring diagram, the general people difficult to understand, you want to understand the plastic fiber wiring box on the wiring What are the requirements? Then please look down.

Home plastic optical fiber distribution box to connect to all the rooms, so before the need to buy into the purchase line, the size of the line on the market usually have 2 square meters to 5 square meters, so here we need Is four square meters can meet the requirements. And then use the leakage switch of the FireWire and the home of the total power supply to connect, and then distributed through the fire in the various rooms in the switch connection, then you can use.

Plastic fiber optic wiring box wiring when the zero line and FireWire need to distinguish between the two if the wrong link will lose the effect, there will be no power, then we need to follow the plastic fiber optic wiring box wiring diagram to carry out Connection, the general map is a knowledge of the zero line and the location of the line of fire. And if the confusion will be in the gate after the break, there is no zero line only FireWire, so the line of fire and the wrong line is wrong to pay attention to the problem, as to how to distinguish between the two do not make mistakes, you can look at the leakage switch The

Wiring also take into account the equipment configuration, the home of the rated voltage and current, in accordance with the configuration of the corresponding plastic optical fiber distribution box, and then design wiring diagram. Power switch to the main switch of the power supply side, branch of the switch all parallel to the load switch to the main switch, the branch switch were then load, wiring to be solid and reliable. This is the more important wiring requirement.

The last is the wiring of the early work, to carry out technical preparation, construction drawings, technical standards, norms, standard maps, construction organization design, engineering and other technical information should be complete, after the approval of specialized personnel can be wiring, the above is the plastic fiber Wire box wiring requirements, for your reference.